Friday, October 30, 2009

Comments, Questions, Concerns

I have a few questions that I would like answered.

1. Why is it sure to rain when I wear my leather jacket?

2. Why do I always get sick within hours after getting a vaccine?

3. Why does the Weather Station predict rain when I planned my day around hiking outside?

4. Why does Telly walk the other way when I say come?

5. If I leave a bowl of candy on the front porch with a sign that says take one or two, will children take the entire bowl?

6. Why does the dog *try* to get on the bed when I don't want him to, but refuse to stay on the bed when I want him there?

If you have answers to these highly pressing questions, please let me know. You can find me in bed, wrapped up in a bathrobe and blankets, trying to convince the dog that he wants to lay next to me and keep me warm.

It was a really hard week at work. Whoever you are, where ever you are reading this from, do the children in your state a favor and go volunteer for a CASA program (this is not who I work for, but it's a nationwide group). If you decide to do this, tell me. It'll make me feel better.

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