Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Things First

Is it over yet?

Well, yes. We are moved in. I mean, there's organizing, and re-arranging, and sighing over things that will have to wait a long time (Dear Flat Screen T.V., I know just the spot for you; Dear King Size Mattress, I heart you and dream about you every night).

You know what else is over? Summer vacation. Winter vacation. Spring break, fall break, skipping class for a mental health day, snow days, ice days, rainy days, and just about any other kind of day I can think of. Yes, people, Monday was it: I started my first professional job. My career. Woo hoo!

I know I've said before that I'm bit nervous about the whole court thing, but let me tell you: I AM NERVOUS ABOUT THE SPEAKING IN COURT THING. There, I said it. My first hearing date was set for months away, so of course, I will be in court tomorrow for an emergency hearing. The ink is barely dry on my attorney number and I will be in there, doing my thing, tearing it up. I texted Velvet from work, telling her that my organization had gone collectively insane if they thought it was a good idea to let me out. She agreed. I mean, she agreed in the sense that she felt the same way, of course.

This feels good. I feel nervous, excited, unprepared, and ready. It just feels right. Finally.

Clearly, I found a pair of deep red shoes.

As I was thinking about the fact I did it, finished law school, tackled it, and am now taking on my job, I felt a small hand knock somewhere in the corners of my mind.

It's hard to remember firsts sometimes without remembering who is not there to reach them with you. Who should be celebrating not only for you, but with you, in her own right. Ellyce should be doing this too. It's not right, and never can be made to be so.

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