Monday, October 5, 2009


Since it's Monday, you don't get a Blog Salad, but this sure will be a mish mash of things.

We have no couch. It's over at the new house, and we are still living on the old one this week. This means that we have a futon mattress on the floor, and it also means that Telly has found his new calling in life--to sit on the futon. To sit on you sitting on the futon. To try and dig into the futon. To run and jump on the futon (and when I say run and jump, I mean flying leaps). It was cute this morning. Now, it's annoying.

Also, I passed the bar. I know you know this already, but I keep repeating it in my head, because I'm not sure it happened. I'm still so PTSD about the whole thing (nightmares, sweats, flashbacks) that I can't shake it. It's really over. (OR IS IT? Haha. No, I know, that wasn't funny at all.) I am so ready to start working. I can't wait to move full time into my little office (read: cubicle--I know, what kind of lawyer has a cubicle instead of an office? The public interest kind!)

Speaking of work, I am going to get torn to shreds on Wednesday. I'm on a case where this attorney thinks s/he is, (oh God, please excuse me, but there is no other way to put this) the shit. God's gift to law. This attorney called screaming the other day about this case, sent nasty emails, and has decided to bring on a second chair for this hearing. No one does this in family law, unless the second chair is someone who is being trained. Which is not the case here. Sigh. Wednesday is going to be loooooooong. I just have to keep my lips stiff, and remember the kid involved. This kid needs help, because s/he isn't getting it at home.

Baby H is still hanging on. She was born a little over a week ago, so this is more than we expected. Thus, I am making another casserole today. I suspect the new momma needs a nap--something that can be achieved if she doesn't have to make dinner. I got to hold her a few days ago, and it gave me quite a bit to think about, and to talk to Vor about. (That is a post in and of itself. One of those long rambling posts where I am clearly trying to work something out in my head, and all I do is leave you scrolling down going, why the hell am I reading this? She is nutty. Nutty. Not that you aren't thinking that right now.)

There are parenthesis galore going on here.

Um. Telly just ate the tail off one of his toys. I better go fish that out of his jaws before I have to fish it out of somewhere else.

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