Monday, November 2, 2009

I Want Candy

Ahhh, suburbia and Halloween. There is nothing like this particular combination to bring out the little gremlin that lives inside every child.

Oh, I'm sorry--I was supposed to say little darlings, they were so cute, nice, polite, would love to see them again.

No, actually, I wouldn't.

When I was of the trick or treating age, I marched up to that door, said trick or treat loud and proud, and held out my little bag. I accepted whatever candy / popcorn / apples / toothbrushes were given, and I said thank you, sincerely, and scooted away. I had manners.

I did not experience any such thing on Saturday. I had kids not say the magic words; I had kids keep holding their bags out after I dropped four (4! FOUR! At least four!) pieces of candy (good candy too--kitkats, peanut butter cups, baby ruth, etc.) into their bags. I had kids say, "Is that all?" I even had some reach over my hands after I gave them candy and take more candy out of the bowl.

Seriously, the nerve. What gives? Oh, there were the polite ones, and the adorable ones. The six month old little red riding hood was particularly memorable. But the others were by far predominant.

If Halloween can bring out the worst in them, it can also bring out the best. My sister's best friend has a five year old (A) who has the flu; the little five year old has a five year old cousin (S). S decided that she was going to carry around an extra bag for A. At every house she would hold out the other bag and say, "My cousin is home sick!" My sister even saw her take candy out of her bag and out it into A's bag.

If I had seen that on Halloween, I would have emptied the entire bowl of candy into her little bags.

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That Married Couple said...

Oh, selfish, bratty kids are so disappointing! I think I'd rather have none than those kind!