Saturday, November 7, 2009

It All Leads to Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

I always put the eggs on top of the chicken in my grocery cart. It makes me laugh, in a perverse way.

On a side note, when I have a ton of groceries, I let the person behind me go ahead if the only have a few. It's just nice, and I hate it when people don't return the favor, and I'm standing there behind the full conveyor belt and a person who still has their shopping cart full of groceries, and it's the only open line. I'm always standing there with one thing in my hand.

I got cut off at the grocery store today, while my eggs were resting on top of my chicken as usual. I was coming out of the aisle--actually, I was already out, and it was just my body that was still in the aisle--and this woman with one of the car shopping cars, with a kid in the car part, just barrels right into me. She gave a me a dirty look and pushed my cart out of the way with hers, and marched off.

Since she slammed into the side where the eggs were, I checked them. She managed to crack them. Even their chicken mother/brother/uncle/cousin resting below them couldn't protect them this time, or maybe it was the chicken gods telling me this was too perverse for them to handle. The store person handing out samples started to laugh, and said, "Here. Pumpkin pie ice cream makes it all better."

Do you live near a Kroger? Because if you do, get thee to the Kroger(y), and buy some of the Kroger pumpkin pie ice cream. It's the perfect balm for being slammed into with a grocery shopping cart.

Along these bizarre lines, I am pretty sure that dinner tonight is going to consist of freshly baked rolls, guacamole (my homemade stuff--it's goooood), and pumpkin pie ice cream.

Oh? Yes, I bought the ice cream.

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