Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch Out Land-o-Lakes

I have suddenly found my calling.

It is my mission in life to purge my house, and then world, of white hot chocolate.

It is a vile abomination.

My office is planning on decorating itself (yes, it will happen exactly like that. Overnight. I will come in one morning and the decorations elves will have draped garland, stockings, fake snow, and, Heaven forfend, a talking Santa.) so I will place the evil EVIL white hot chocolate in their stockings. I will publicly call this a gift, and secretly laugh to myself.

Of course, our space is in desperate need of some decorating. We have boring gray desks, cubicle walls, and little space to ourselves. Such is the life of a public interest lawyer--no office space for me. I am actually enjoying cubicle life though, as it means I am employed.

How do I spruce this place up? Other than the Christmas decorations and white hot chocolate packets, I mean.

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Chelsea said...

Our office walls are glass (I work for a glass company) so I bought those gel things to stick on my walls. "Ho Ho Ho!" And snowflakes. I like them but people always come by and touch them because they are mushy.