Monday, December 14, 2009


My Friday went a little like this:

I walk down the hallways of the court house. "Hey! You're the new lawyer from XYZ!" "Yes...?" "Come here. We have a new case for you." I enter, then exit the office, with a new case in hand. I take two steps, then-- "Hey! You're the new lawyer from XYZ, right?" Yes... "Judge just appointed you in two new cases. C'mere." Enter office, pick up two new cases, exit office.

"Hey! Grace! Judge has a new case for you guys. It's a doozy." Great. Pick up case, leave office. Walk down flight of stairs. Step onto next floor. "Hey!" starts all over again.

Within about 3 hours, we had six new cases. The holidays make people crazy, and when people go crazy, the kids tend to suffer.

On the plus side, we had as many people offer to volunteer for us, and one court clerk has donated Christmas--dinner, presents, tree, lights, decorations--to a really needy family. It was touching.

I went from that on Friday to Vor's company Christmas on Saturday, complete with tuxes, ballgowns, a band playing music, REALLY good wine, and waiters bustling around carrying champagne and nibbles. The contrast made my head ache. Or maybe that was the three glasses of wine.

In other news, I chopped my hair off. It was at least three inches past my shoulders, and now it's at my ear lobes.

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