Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Blog Salad VI

Salad. What I should have had for dinner instead of chocolate covered pecans.

Lettuce. Work work work work work. Confrontation, crisis, computer screen, copiers. Paperwork, filing, nerves, stress. Did I mention work? Stress? I was such a little stress ball last Friday that when Vor and I came home from see A Christmas Carol I went into the basement and cried. I don't think my poor husband knows what to do with me. I know this is just a period of adjustment. Yes. I know this. But how long does it have to last?

Vegetables. Can work count as this too? No, be more creative, Grace. There are several vegetables on this salad: taking the dog outside in the winter. He is getting big and strong, and he loves to play in the snow, and it's a miracle I haven't fallen on my ass in the snow while I take him outside. The lack of hot chocolate in the house. The fact I have gained about five pounds. (Maybe I should stop complaining about the lack of hot chocolate?)

Croutons/Cranberries/Almonds. My Christmas decorations are pretty... My sister in law is coming into town... I get to spend quite a bit more time with Vor over our time off.

Salad dressing. None. Straight up.

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