Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wishin' & Hopin'

Be careful what you wish for. Or at least, think before you speak. Hold you tongue, bite your tongue, keep your counsel, when someone wants my opinion, they will give it to me.

Grace, you say. Have you gone batty? Why are you writing down these trite things? I am telling you because if someone had said one of these things to me, it might have prevented me from posting this little post right here.

To add to the chaos: I spent an hour and fifteen minutes on the stand as a witness, feeling like I was trying to simultaneously herd cats and explain Virginia Woolf to a two year old child. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain (not the explaining, but actual, physical pain. Though the explaining was painful). I had my first hearing, which of course, was in front of a judge I've never been in front of, and I can't stop obsessing about what I did, what each look meant, and what I should have done, might have done.

Things had to be filed on Friday that didn't come in until 4 pm, and my supervising attorney was not in a great mood. Can't blame her, and it always makes me feel like it was something I did.

None of that is bad, just frustrating. What's bad is a family member of close friends dying, and having their dog die too, on the same day Vor and his sister and his mother are grieving and remembering their own loss.

Vor and I drank eggnog with rum in it, sat in front of Christmas tree, and had a dinner with no interruptions.

I wish I could heal hurts of all kinds. I hope I've done enough for a distraction. I hope this week was enough of a trial, and next week can be smoother.

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