Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Snap/Snip Shot

Love how just when you think you are going to lose it, a nice calm day comes along, work gets done, there are no emergencies that cross your desk, and you even have time to swing by Starbucks downtown to meet your husband for a cup of green tea (no honey).

Love that.

In other news, Telly is running around the the house while simultaneously crossing his legs. That's right people, he is about be an it, on Friday. He will then wear the cone of shame (are you kidding me that you haven't seen up? Every time a dog was on screen in that movie, Vor and I were dying of laughter) for some time, look at us piteously, and act crazy.

I really, REALLY hope this stops the humping. We had guests come over, and I thought we were in the clear--he had not humped anyone's leg in quite some time, and he isn't really into jumping on people. Oh, no, though, he felt the need to hump every male's leg who walked through the front door. I could have just died. Not only should I have named my dog Sir Hump-a-lot, but he only does this to men. Really, really embarrassing.

I am strangely excited to go to criminal court tomorrow, and watch a trial that's related to one of my cases. I must have problems.

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