Thursday, February 11, 2010

Better Than Chocolate

This week, Vor came home with groceries.

The way the weekend had been meant I wasn't able to go to the grocery store for our usual shopping, and I hate going to the grocery store after work. It's crowded, I'm tired, the dog is home crossing his legs and his eyes are turning yellow.

So, Vor brought groceries home. While I was telling myself not to get too emotional and cry out of sheer happiness over the groceries, he then produced yellow tulips (two lips are better than one! Tangent: in high school, we had tulips as the spring decor on our door of my all girls school, and we then put that as the slogan on the door. My homeroom teacher thought it was hilarious. The nuns took it down. ANYWAYS) and then the waterworks started. Vor thinks I am nuts. He might be right.

This weekend, we aren't doing anything valentiney. I really always hated it anyways. On Saturday, we are meeting friends for breakfast. Saturday evening, we are geeking out and going to the Indiana State Museum to see the "For the Love of Lincoln" exhibit. Geeking. Out. So much better than chocolate, dinner, and movie.

Tonight is this for dinner. Ravenous.

I have always preferred Mac to PC/windows, but I have truly discovered the joy of the iChat. People! I talk to my nieces and nephews every day! I see them everyday! I talk to my siblings every day and see them! I have never talked so much to my brother in my entire life! And since my parents were visiting my sister, I got to see them too. Amazing. I am completely converted, sold, and I am not only drinking the purple kool-aid, I am doing a keg stand with the purple kool-aid.

I don't know what to make of this ridiculousness that Indianapolis makes out of snow. 2 inches of snow is not a blizzard. You should not shut down school for four inches. You really should be able to plow the roads before 1 pm. Eight feet of snow is a problem. Eight feet of snow meant I could jump off the roof of my parents house, and it meant at least two days off from school. Eight inches is not a problem. But man, eight feet of snow was really fun...

I need new friends. Well, not clean house new, keep the old, and all that, but I need a few more. I have very few close female friends--two to be exact--and if anyone is feeling temperamental or stressed out, it tends to mean I have no one to turn to hang out with or be stressed out to. Other than Vor. I think Vor needs me to have a few more friends. I'm not really good at the reaching out part, but I am trying, hesitantly. Maybe I will set up an application on this blog... mmm. I had a friend who set up a girlfriend application on his blog. I don't think that ended well. Serves him right.

What else is better than chocolate?


Anonymous said...

I need more female friends too. I only really have two in Indy. Maybe we could chat sometime? My husband is a lawyer too (though he works for the court of appeals).

I think it's really cool you looked at the house that we are buying! :)

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