Saturday, February 13, 2010


It was so bad, so bad, so bad that I had to make the call. Yesterday. Then I dreamt all night about what brought this situation about, and hoped all night there would be no retaliation. It was sad, and it was exhausting.

Both of senior attorneys in the office assured me it was right. I know it was; that's not what was making me sick. It's just that no child should have to see life this way.

My dog watched the water run out of the bathtub last night, and he was fascinated. I watched the water run out, and a small part of me wondered if some where out there, someone was running out of time and hope.

I'm going to breakfast with Vor and our close friends and family. That, and sleeping next to my husband, is like plugging the drain, and filling up again with love, and hope.

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nice post. thanks.