Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paint Me a Picture

In the interests of distraction, I have been playing with paint swatches.

Bedroom: blues, with an accent wall, with blue going into the bathroom. (or should I do browns or oranges?)

Kitchen: it's a pale green. Meh. Leave it that way.

Living room / entry way: It's all white right now. I need SOMETHING more. Maybe just an off white or cream, something warmer.

Office: oranges. Love orange. So warm and toasty, especially since we might change it into a library someday.

Dining room: egg plant purple is what it is, and what it shall remain. Especially since I have now have Georgia O'Keeffe's "Petunias" in there.

Future baby room: two shades of green. Envisioning this separated by a border, low on the wall. So cute!

Future other baby room: Help?

Guest room? Help?

Basement: Help? (NO WINDOWS in the basement. So how do you do that with colors? I am so tired of tanish cream)

Come on people. It's a lazy Sunday. Help me out! Tell me what yours is like, or your best ideas!


LawMommy said...

I really thought I was the only person in all of the midwest with an eggplant purple dining room. Are you spying on me? ;-p

Other baby's room - yellow, perhaps? - screamingly bright, happy, vibrant yellow.

Grace said...

Emphasis on the screamingly part, right? We think alike!

And yes, we love our egg plant dining room. :)

That Married Couple said...

I like blue for bedrooms, and am hoping to do that for ours at some point. A very pale blue with a thin white stripe to mix it up.

I like LawMommy's idea for a bright yellow baby room! I'm really into yellow for rooms right now, actually, so I'd probably suggest that for the basement. And I like your two shades of green idea for your other baby room!