Monday, February 8, 2010

See Gulch, Bone Dry

I don't want to talk about Sunday, so if you have some wiseass comment about how the Colts shouldn't have let their perfect season go AND lose the SB, take them else where, because you find yourself unable to return if you dare.

We didn't do our usual grocery shopping on Sunday, and now, we have nothing for dinner. I hope Vor is the mood for eggs... or maybe a BLT (no bread for me. sigh. there were cupcakes last night, and I could SMELL the M&M's, and the cookies, and the OH MY GOD snickers salad with coolwhip and strawberries I just wanted to burry my face in all of it, but instead I held and bounced Baby H for a loooooong time).

I saw the Tim Tebow add. It was... lame? I really hate corny commercials with faked cuteness at the end. Not that they don't have a really, honest, and loving relationship in real life, but stuff like that doesn't come across in a 30 second commercial. It comes across as awkward.

I've made a conscious decision to not be political here, so that's that.

I don't know what to say here anymore. I started this all as a way to keep the writing creativity going, but I feel like that part of my life is either behind me, or something I still have to do with a blue pen and graph paper (seriously, how I did my best work). I have no topics for you, and I have nothing funny. My life is work, and I can't talk about that here. The creative writings I do, I'm pretty reluctant to post here, because then someone might take them and claim them as their own. My life is my time with Vor, and I like keeping him to myself, and not sharing him all that much with you. You can have the dog.

So, this is a really lame reach out, for the total of about twenty people I KNOW read this blog, even if you lurk (I really pulled that number number out of my pocket), please, tell me something. Do you have a good topic? A good idea for writing dry spells? Anything you wish you see me write on (I know, I'm that important)?

Excuse me. I have to go push the dog into a snowbank. He loves it.


Anonymous said...

Hi; I just found your blog via That Married Couple. I live in Indy too; my husband is a lawyer with the court of appeals.

I like what I've read of your so far (in the last ten minutes). I'm sorry to hear about the endo - I have PCOS and am trying to have a baby sometime this year. Which eating plan are you doing? I've heard good things about low GI, but I mostly just try to limit carbs and workout.

Anyway, sorry to share my life story; I'm glad I found your blog. I was wondering when I'd come across another Indy girl. :)

Grace said...

Sorry to hear about your PCOS! They don't think that's my problem, but we will see. I am doing what my brother dragged me into, which we variously call the paleo diet or caveman diet. Basically, no sugar, unless it comes from fruit, and even then, not much. That means no bread/grains/etc. It's been okay so far.

That's funny that we both live in Indy! How do you like it?