Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Words Fail

Yes, he is still alive. I know you were worried. What did he do that was so bad? He was so angry that Vor had shut him out of the office where he was talking on the phone that he walked over and peed on the rug in front of the office door. (At least, this is my interpretation. It could be that he had been standing in front of the door saying you stupid humans, can't you see I've been pacing? I have to peeeeeeeee! There was screaming, there was whimpering, there were tears, human and puppy alike, and there was cleaning solution.

He's just a puppy, after all.

Somewhere in the chaos, I've stopped really writing in this. My calender at work is starting to get double booked, and I'm in court more often than not. It's a good thing that I still like this job, because I am tired.

The cases are getting worse. We're not sure whether people are getting worse, or other organizations that usually handle the worst of the worst are overbooked, or WHAT THE HELL is going on, but something is. I saw a picture of one the children today, and I almost had to put my head between my knees. I can't imagine who would do that to a small child with pigtails. The worst part is, you can't even see the real damage.

The first three weeks of the stupid paleo/caveman diet were agony. I wanted to make a bed out of bread, I wanted to swim in cream, I wanted to dress in pasta, and I wanted to finger paint with chocolate.

Okay, I ALWAYS want to have chocolate on my fingers. That will never change.

Now, the cravings have leveled out. I don't have a problem saying no to bread, etc., and I've found I ike spaghetti squash better than spaghetti itself. I have more engery, I don't have mid day crashes, my skin is really clear, and I'm down ten pounds. Much better. I'm on a roll.

Go Colts.

I plan on making buffalo chicken wing dip--it's amazing--and I plan on parking myself in front of a wide and tall TV on Sunday to watch commercials, sprinkled with football. Oh, wait, I meant... No, I didn't. I have a vested interested in seeing the Colts win (no, not gambling), so I will be watching and cheering.

My mom's out of surgery now. So is Vor's mom. They had surgery on the same day--ironic, no? So, happy, healing thoughts in their direction.

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That Married Couple said...

If it makes you feel better, I was more worried about you than the dog! :) Have a good weekend!