Friday, April 2, 2010

Good, Good Friday

The offices were closed today, but did I stay away? Noooooo. However, it's been a very abbreviated day as far as work goes--have to do more of that later this weekend, aka Saturday--and Lordy, has it been a good day.

It's 85 and sunny. Telly isn't thrilled with this, but I set out a huge bucket of water for him to play in, and he seems content with that. I wish I had pictures for you, but I was not sacrificing y camera to the cause. Also, my battery is dead.

I bought a short plastic barrel that looks like real wood barrel and loaded it with good soil. Sprinkled throughout this barrel are mint, rosemary, and chive plants. I'm planting the basil and cilantro tomorrow. Doesn't that sound amazing? There is plenty of room for all, and sticking your face in the barrel is like walking into an herb garden. Oh wait--it is!

The plan is to get a matching barrel on put it on the other side of the deck stairs. In this barrel will go the tomato plant (yes I learned my lesson. After the overwhelming number of tomatoes last year, we will be limiting ourselves to two tomato plants, max) and either lettuce, lavender, or green peppers. I haven't decided.

I also planted yellow and orange marigolds, because they are the happiest looking flowers I can think of. The tulips are coming up in the front.

While I was meandering my way out of downtown yesterday after court, I swung by a market that I had heard about (thank you VERY MUCH ma'am!). I cried (inwardly) and bought things. Farm fresh eggs! Local meat! Local vegetables! Amazing cheese! A wine and beer cellar! Sigh. I mooned over the good honey--raw honey--but that is still a no for me.

Speaking of my diet, it's going well. Actually, it's pretty amazing. Having been a south beach girl in the past, I was doubtful as to whether I could remain grain/carb/sugar free. After three months, it's no longer a problem. I've lost fifteen pounds with no real effort to change my exercise routine (ahem, none! well, okay I walk the dog every day), my skin is clearer, no sugar crashes, and strangely.... (side note--I am no Dr. I'm just noting what I've noticed!) the cramps haven't gone away, not by a long shot, but they aren't quite as bad as they were. We are talking crippling here, people, compliments of endometriosis. Things are getting there.

My brother, the man who converted my diet, and I had a lovely chat about organic, local food, etc. He is as conservative as they come, but when it comes to his food, he might as well be running around naked in a commune. He beat me to the punch and joined a CSA.

Anyone here part of a CSA or something similar? Also... anyone from around here and want to split a CSA share? I love me my veggies, but I can't eat all that. I would have to spend my life eating.

Yeah, I know, this was a totally lame and boring entry. If my camera was working, I would show you a picture of Telly, upside down on his back, sound asleep, with all four legs going all four directions. Guess you'll just have to imagine the cute.

Have a good Friday, a good Good Friday, and a happy Easter!

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