Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Vor

Meet Vor:

It's taken so long to write this particular meet and greet, because, really--how do you introduce someone who makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you calm, makes you crazy, but above all, makes you want the present and the future more than you ever thought possible?

When I first met him, I was intimidated. I had never met anyone so sharp and intelligent, that I thought I couldn't keep up. I quickly found out that he uses those smarts and wits to draw people out, not put them down.

Of course, I also thought he was the best looking person I had ever met. I'm not biased at all.

He loves tea, and we have *several* boxes of tea throughout the house. It is best if it is loose leaf tea, and he has declared we can never live in Colorado, because the water boils at a lower temperature, not hot enough for his tea. He also provides a voice for our dogs--for Telly, Vor has elected the voice of the Sweedish Chef, and provides a running commentary of what the dog thinks.

Vor watches science fiction with me, and introduces me to new kinds all the time. We get our nerd on regularly. He also snuggles.

Vor puns. He's punny. He is also corny, but has inherited several naughty jokes from his father.

I know he rationally thinks now is not the time for children, but I also know that he can't wait. He will be an amazing father. He has all kinds of plans for reading history books to our children, probably when they are still in the womb. I'm pretty sure he will come home with a history lecture series on CD, plug them into a CD play, and put earphones on my belly. He was thrilled with my plan of taking our children to a library every weekend.

He reads every night, and there is a picture of his mother and father up in our bedroom. He calls his twin all the time. Even though my family is a bit overbearing, and very overwhleming, he proposed to me on a beach while we were on vacation with my family, because he knew the first thing I would want to do was see my sibilings, nieces, and nephews.

This could go on and on, so I'll end it here. I've discovered it's impossible to describe a blessing, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

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Katie said...

This was a delightful post to read...may God continue to bless you abundantly! :-)