Sunday, April 11, 2010


I seem to be hitting a writing dry spell, at least here any way... perhaps because my writing efforts are just about consumed by the three different briefs I am writing for various cases I am involved in.

Things on the docket, in no particular order:

1. Our friends got married yesterday, in St. Mary's in downtown Indy. It's a beautiful church, the wedding was lovely, the priest got everyone's name right... What, you say? They get the names wrong, on the altar, when they are reciting the vows? Oh yes. In fact, I was a victim of such a thing, by a priest who knew me for a looooong time. Go figure. At least it was a good giggle between us on the altar, and I could hear all my friends in the pews trying to stifle laughs, because they know how much I hate being called by that particular name. Anyways. St. Mary's. It's right across from a grocery store, and if I had gotten married there, I think I would have marched over with my new husband, and bought some ice cream. It was warm yesterday.

2. We found a lovely nature trail that runs very close to our house, so we hiked on that today. It runs by a fairly big creek and reservoir in Indy, so we also got to confirm that Telly is water friendly. Um, water-friendly doesn't even begin to cover it, people. He dove in, he splashed around, he was mad that we kept him on a leash. He played with the hose when we came home, and smiled at us all through getting a bath. This one has water wings.

3. I made guacamole today. With limes. Yum.

4. We now have an electric fence for the dog. He looks more confused than anything else when he gets too close to the line, but he stays in the yard now--no more chasing him all over the neighborhood when he gets out of his collar (that little Houdini).

5. Dinner = chicken cordon bleu with sweet potatoes. All paleo friendly, even the sweet potato, since I had a workout this morning.

6. Speaking of this crazy diet, I have experienced a breakthrough. Because of the endometriosis, my periods are severely painful. Double vision, throwing up, curl up and die painful. Since I started eating like this, it's been getting better. This week, the period appeared--and it was pain free. I have NEVER had that happen. I don't know what else to attribute it to.

7. We have our outside furniture set up, and a book on the Cuban missile crisis is calling my name. Ta-ta!


That Married Couple said...

2. Fun!
3. Yum!
4. Nice.
6. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Guac is the best. my favorite. What part of Indy are you in? The park you found sounds lovely.

We went to Ft. harrison with our dog the other day and it was so nice to walk around over there. :)