Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Like A Gust of Wind

I'm about two weeks shy of having been at this job for a year now.

There are moments where I think--just for a moment--that I have seen enough to have a pattern to base decisions on, sort of like a template to work from, and make changes to fit the situation. In law school, we called it applying law to the facts at hand.

Then the moment passes, the sun goes out, and the storm clouds roll in, and I have a lying cheating double dealing money laundering attempted murdering child molesting belt buckle whooping individual who I'm sure is otherwise a lovely person sitting in documents before me, and I run for the sanctuary of my boss's office, where I tell her my woes and seek direction.

As bad as it is, it is easier than the recent situations I've had. I have a job that is supposed to be about protecting children. But what do I do when they are the problem? When they are the YOUNG lying cheating double dealing attempted child molesting sexual acting out sneaking out of windows heroin using poor kids diagnosed with ODD, ADHD, ADD, MPD, BPD, ARD who can't stop themselves?


In other news, my maid of honor (matron of honor?) behind is being hauled out to Vegas for the bachelorette party. It's really hard for me to leave Vor. I've tried to explaining this to him, but I just get all teary. I think some part of my brain is still convinced that we are STILL in long distance mode, where I have to jealously guard each second, because I may not get any more seconds for another month. Or maybe I am just a homebody who does not like to party.


In other other news, it is 8 pm and my husband is just coming home. Tomorrow it will be 8:30 before I even dream of coming home.


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Sarah said...

Is your husband a lawyer too?

My husband is a lawyer in Indy as well, but he works for the court of appeals. So he's usually home at a reasonable hour. I know the cases that involve children (termination of parental rights, abuse of any kind, etc.) are the hardest for him to handle. And he's only seeing them on appeal, so it's got to be tough dealing with them the first time through. I can only imagine.

Maybe we can have coffee or whatever sometime? Or is that too weird?