Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunda Blog Salad VII

Salad--what's probably for dinner.

Lettuce. The meat of the salad. I do believe my lettuce is wilted, folks. It's been stunned grief that's been taking up lives, between deaths at my work, and tragedy elsewhere in our lives. It's exhausting, and consuming. Although its been consuming, the less said on it, the better. At least for now.

Vegetables. At this point, vegetables--the things that are necessary but I wish weren't--are literally vegetables. I've been on a roll with my food, and doing really well, but suddenly I have hit a sugar valley again. I gave myself a few treats, and all the cravings are back, with the headaches, and the holy mother of pearl cramps and double vision showing up like clockwork once a month. Yes, if I was not sure before, I am now--sugar makes my life much much worse.
SO, as of this moment, no more treats, unless it is the type of treat that falls under "massage." And exercise. Yes, dear pilates, P90X, yoga--I'm looking at you. You vegetables you.

Croutons/Cranberries/Almonds. The sweet things in life--no! resist! Just kidding. Having Jedi, Mom, and Dad in town was good stuff.

Salad dressing. My salad is soaked in vinegar. I can smell it across the room.

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