Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eenie Meenie Miny Moe

Catch a country by the toe.

We are still for sure doing our spring time vacation in another coutnry, far far away from here. The questions remains--where?

We originally planned on Paris, but now we have two unexpected contestants closing in fast: London, and a rail trip all over Ireland.

Remember how I love lists? Here we go!!!

Paris Pro: I have dreamed of going back just to hang out in the city. I can use some of my dusty French. Versailles. Musee(s) galore. Wine and amazing food. Time in the City of Love and Light with Vor--how romantic! Vor could finally see this place that I love. Taking Vor to Normany. Staying in a little appartment, down the street from the Eiffel Tower or onMontmantre. Crepes.

Paris Con: Riots. Travel/terrorist warnings. Probably the most expensive option.

London: If you're tired of London, you're tired of life. High tea. Vor experiencing high tea. Real Earl Grey (can you tell we are tea snobs?). The very cool sights to see (clock, bridge, palace, double decker red buses and red phone booths). Stratford. The English language. Conning Vor into going out to Virginia Woolf country. Pretty romantic. WAGAMAMAS. Covenant Garden.

London Cons: I don't buy the "tired of London" slogan. Day trips are not really easy to do, so we would end up pretty much staying in London. Not as "exotic." English food? Not so much. Generally, not as thrilled with the place (don't get me wrong, still very exciting).

Ireland Pros: GREEN. Pretty. Romantic. Stone fences. Cute accents. Pubs. Guinness. Bulmers. Cliffs. Galway. Limerick. Family! Killarney (sing that Bing Crosby song, people!). Time on the trail--which Vor would adore. Castles. Maybe a cute B&B here and there. Decent food. I would love a return trip (I spent a summer there, so I know it fairly well). Least expensive, probably. Good tea. Seeing Vor pucker up to the Blarney Stone. Dublin. Ring of Kerry.

Ireland Cons: We would not be staying in one city, given that we would want to see the place. So, there would be more traveling than a city stay, which could potentially be less relaxing. Probably have to be less spontaneous and make more arrangements for places to stay/rail tickets.

All in all, the pros lead me to this: 1. Paris; 2. Ireland; 3. London. The problem is that riots and travel warnings are pretty serious, so the cons might bump Paris down for me. Ireland and Paris are neck and neck for me. London is not far behind, and closing fast.

Input, please. Now would be the time to stop lurking and actually leave a comment. :)


LawMommy said...

As much as I love don't want to be there during a strike/riot.

And the Irish tea? I mean...guh...with a little milk and a little sugar? I'm drooling over here.

Grace said...

mmmm, tea. And it's so cold here right now!