Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rolling Fields of Green and Fences Made of Stone**

Here's the plan: Ireland, March/April 2011.

Fly into either Dublin or Shannon (most likely Shannon), and go to Galway. Spend a few nights in Galway (Doolin, Cliffs, Aran Islands, etc.) and then breeze through Limerick so I can say hello to my family. Probably spend a good part of the day in Limerick saying hello and seeing my old stomping grounds (I wonder if that amazing Chinese restaurant is still there...).

From Limerick, onto Kenmare, a small town just outside Killarney that is a lot like Killarney, but less touristy. And it's on the Kenmare bay. So, check out Kenmare, Killarney, Ring of Kerry, Cork, and maybe some other places if we are feeling ambitious.

Then, fly home.

Vor wants to tack on a day and a night in London, so we are trying to work that in as well. I would love to take him to Wagamama's in Covenant Garden, and this little hole of a tea shop.

**Garth Brooks, Ireland

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