Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not Really Feeling This, But...

Fun things: Ireland looks much closer on this side of the new year. I now have acquired for Ireland: guidebooks, warm water proof but stylish hiking boots, a waterproof warm coat, and my new passport.

Work things: I just can't even talk about it. I can't think about it. It's too stressful. It makes me not even want to write in here, hence me avoiding you, because once I start, I don't know that it is possible to stop and then I will totally overload, like I am about to do now.

Holiday things: all peachy keen, good to see the family.

Family things: If one more family member asks me when we are having children, if I am pregnant yet, why am I having a glass of wine when I should be trying to get pregnant, when are we due (ha, ha--so funny to assume I already pregnant as a way of telling me that I should be), etc., I might scream. Other than that, they are great.

Vor, of course, is amazing, and Telly... well, he's a dog. A crazy one.

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