Monday, February 21, 2011

If You Give Me An Inch

If you give me a car ride, I will ask for a cup of tea (or coffee).

If you give me the tea, I will ask to go to Borders.

If you take me to Borders, I will ask to buy the Fodor's Guide to Ireland/Poetry Managzine/Gardening magazine.

If you let me buy the book/magazines, I will settle down in your office chair and begin to read.

If you then take me home, I will read from the book the whole way home and ask for your input.

If you give me your input, I will make you read the book yourself.


So, that would be how I spent my and Vor's Saturday--and a wonderful Saturday it was. I also made huge progress on my book project, which had the unexpected bonus of provoking a pretty decent piece of poetry out of me.

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