Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marking Thyme

The finalized plans for my backyard growing extravaganza:

Vegetables! 1. Onions, bulbs and scallions; 2. spaghetti squash; 3. bush beans (basically snap beans); 4. carrots; 5. radishes; 6. peppers; 7. tomatoes; 8. swiss chard; 9. lettuce, and 10. sweet potatoes, if I can get them. If not, oh well.

Fruits! 1. Strawberries; 2. Blueberries, if I stumble across them.

Herbs! 1. Basil; 2. lemon basil; 3. lavender; 4. cilantro; 5. sage; 6. rosemary; 7. chamomile; 8. mint; 9. garlic; 10. garlic chives; 11. chives; 12. oregano; 13. sweet marjoram.

Flowers! 1. Marigolds (to keep away the pests); 2. Nasturtium (because they are edible, taste like pepper, and are gorgeous).

Actually, the herbs and flowers will be fun. You see, there is--was--this stupid magnolia tree that we hacked down. Unfortunately, at the time we hacked it, we didn't have the proper tools to completely take it down to the ground, so there are still some fairly good sized branches coming up out of the ground. Since nasturtium is a climber, I'm going to plant it at the base, and let it have a ball climbing. The herbs are going in a circle around this spot.

I've got seeds, and plans to buy plants that transplant better. I have drawn out plans, and I have lists. Now I am just waiting for the weather to be better!

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