Thursday, May 5, 2011

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun

Well, I outted myself at work, because it's completely possible for me to have to run to the bathroom in our tiny office without being noticed. Not.

I have a full day, 8:30 to 5 pm, of hearings tomorrow. So, help? Crackers? Tell the judge ahead of time? Beg for mercy from the other attorney(s)?

Also, so much for keeping the news quiet on the family front, because:

1. Mama Vor, while drugged and completely loopy, announced it to various people, when then in turn announced it to others, results in the cashier in Meijer saying congrats! heard you are pregnant! Well, I jest about that part, but truly, all of our family and friends in Indianapolis know.

2. Facebook. I told my neices and nephews--over iChat, 'cause we have regular iChat dates. Nephew A told his cousin (my second cousin) on Facebook, who told her mom (my cousin) who told her mother in law (my aunt) who told... all of my Mom's siblings. Who then told all their children.

Vor thinks people at work will find out, because he told a close friend there (also because his wife is my friend, and she is a NICU nurse, so OF COURSE I had to tell her), but they talk... at work.. with the door open... and people have ears, you know? Who knew.

Oh well. It was no fun as a secret.


LawMommy said...

I just saw this and so it is too late to help you through a full day of hearings on Friday, but, for future reference:

1. lemon drops (keep them in your purse)
2. ginger tea bags (keep them in your purse also, so if you get a break you can make a cup)
3. if necessary tell the judge's clerk what is going on. If you actually have to run out to vomit, you are going to have to tell the judge and opposing counsel what's going on.
4. more lemon drops

Grace said...

Ahhh, I had not thought of lemon drops! Thank you!