Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

And not in the Veronica Mars sense, either.

I have a rare gift on my hands: a day off from work in the middle-ish of the work week. God bless elections. So, I set up a little trip to the dentist.

I haven't been to a dentist officially in ages. However, my brother in law is a pediatric dentist, so whenever I go home, I beg for a look, and tells me that all is well. But since the little stick of happiness produced a second line for me, my mouth has HURT. It's crazy. I want it to stop. Now.

This little venture in DDS is not the only thing on my list, either. What list is that, you ask? That would be the "before baby" list, and yes, I realize I am not very far along, and I have lots of time, and bad things could happen, and good things like winning the lottery could happen, but what can I say? I am a list maker.

There is pretty much a list for every room. The bedroom? Reorganize to make room for baby. Boot the desk out and upstairs, and turn the desk into a changing table. (Speaking of which, I see no reason why this could not work. It's a pretty desk, lots of drawers, and as long as everything is properly secured and baby is not left alone... how is it different than any other changing table?)

Rooms must be painted (thank you mama Vor), baby gear must be found (what do I actually need? I dislike clutter. Vor HATES clutter), rooms must be cleaned, the carpet either needs to be cleaned or replaced, etc., etc., etc.

I have possessed by an overwhelming desire to make curtains for the baby room. Explain this, please. I have also been super productive in the cleaning area--linen closet redone, all guest rooms straightened up for the impending switch up and painting of rooms, bathroom closet redone, my corner of the office cleaned, kitchen pantry organized. I cleaned out my closet, reorganized it, and prodiuced several large bags of clothes for Goodwill. (I mean, I did not wear that shirt last summer, and it sure as heck is not going to fit me this summer. My rule is one year without wearing it, and it goes. So, it went. All of it.)

Telly is not thrilled with this chaos. Maybe he wil sleep while I am at the dentist... and while I go find some more office organizing material.


That Married Couple said...

I totally made a master list shortly after I found out I was pregnant. And we only have a tiny condo, not all the house stuff you all have to do!

You should totally use the desk as a changing table. When you eventually have to venture into the overwhelming place of terror that is Babies R Us, you'll see that the trend is to just put a nice changing pad on top of a dresser, instead of having an actual changing table.

You actually need very little. I did a post a while back reviewing our registry , but I'd say our only true necessities were diapers, a wrap, and a mini swing/bouncer. Oh, and a carseat.

Grace said...

Oh, we had to go into Babies R Us for a baby shower... we fled! We ended up getting the kiddo a present from elsewhere.

I forgot about your registry review--good reminder!