Monday, June 20, 2011

Clearly Monday

Dear Mother Nature,

Thanks for flooding my neighborhood this morning and making it impossible for me to go to work. Did you know I have a 10 am hearing that I had to get someone to cover because the water is OVER THE HOOD OF MY CAR?!? Seriously. Thanks.

Signed, Grace Who Is Soaked From Taking the Dog Out to Pee


Dear Baby,

I thought we had an informal, if not formal, truce after this weekend. I go easy, you don't make me puke. So, what is with the sudden puking this morning after I call work and tell them I am flooded in? I mean, you're just lucky I had to cancel... oh.

Signed, Grace Who Now Adds Oranges to the List of Things She Will Never Eat Again


Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for flooding me into the house. Seriously, and without sarcasm.

Signed, Grace Who Now Appreciates Your Flooding Wisdom

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