Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once More, Then I'll Stop

This is not going to be a blog all about le bebe. Seriously. Not my thing.

It's just that this puking and nausea thing is completely overwhelming my life right now, and when I say overwhelming, I mean like WHOA.

Yes, I got the meds. Without the meds, it's terrible, and I wind up in the hospital from dehydration with burst blood vessels in my eyes. With the meds... well. It's not great.

Like yesterday, a full day of hearings. I warned opposing counseling a head of time, and I warned the judge. Sure enough, I had to make a break for the bathroom. Screw people and their "eat something right away when you first wake up--eat crackers--eat ginger snaps--drink ginger ale" advice.

I crawled back to the office, only to have it happen again and again and again until finally, I made the call and handed off my afternoon case to another attorney. Gah. That was with the meds, my friends. It is much much worse without them.

There just seems to be some days where le bebe overwhelms the meds and has me puking, no matter what. I hate doing it at work. It makes me miserable and vulnerable to people I cannot show that side to, becasue at least one of them is a freaking vulture.

At least the dog is adorable during all this. He comes in and lays down next to me. He licks my hand and sometimes my feet (which I find gross, but I take it in the spirit it is meant), and he won't leave until I can stand up again.

So, there you have it. It was scary terrible and now it's just normal terrible.

PS--I renew my plea for info on where to go on cloth diapers. Seriously. I am at a loss.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I will try to get a more "how to" cloth diaper post up ASAP!

LawMommy said...

Have you tried Lemon Drops for the nausea? Like, the old fashioned candy?

Um...cloth diapers. I did not have a good experience with cloth diapers, but that was 11.5 years ago. When my son was about 4 days old, I was sitting on the couch, covered in baby poop from another failed diapering, with my pajama top open, bawling uncontrollably. I told my husband I could nurse the baby or we could do cloth diapers but I couldn't do both without losing my mind. So, my mother-in-law showed up with a package of pampers and I really didn't ever look back. I can't even conjure any guilt about it, even though I know I should. But I'm pretty sure if I had tried to continue to use the cloth diapers I was trying to use (it involved pins and flat cloths and plastic pants) I was going to kill somebody. Probably myself.

Grace said...

Yeah, that was pretty much the experience my sister and mom had. But my friends seem to be doing great with it, so I thought I would at least look!

And, side note--I woke up today, and the nausea was gone. Poof. We will see if it stays gone!