Friday, December 16, 2011

Name Game

So long with no posts, and then two posts for you! This one is out of my drafts.

Names. Let me start by saying, we have a name picked out, and we can't/won't change it because:
1. We love it.
2. We bought letters and hung them up.
3. There are now two savings bonds in her name,
4. We love it.

Mama Vor and Vor's sister. We hung the letters of her name up in her nursery, and then we promptly put Christmas wrapping paper over the name. Mama Vor lives here and Vor's twin sister is coming into town this weekend, and well... they are curious people. Let's hope the wrapping paper stops them.

My Mom and Dad. More specifically, my mom. Dad doesn't really want to know. My Mom calls in this sad pathetic voice and tells me she is feeling down in the dumps today, and you know what would brighten her day right up? If I told her le bebe's name. No? What do you means no? How about her initials? The first letter of her first name? GOD GRACE YOU ARE SO UNREASONABLE.

My sister (and my nieces and nephews). My sister and her kids and husband are trying something new this year--they are all going on a cruise together for Christmas. Except... well, it's likely baby will come. My sister has invented this elaborate scheme where she stands by the captain of the ship, while it is pulling out of the port, blowing its departure horn, and then I
(A) Tell her the name;
(B) Tell her three possible names;
(C) tell her the initials; or
(D) tell her the letter of le bebe's name, and she can play word scramble on the cruise ship.

I am really tempted to do (D), because what she doesn't realize is that I will send her all the letter of all the names. First Name, Middle Name, Middle Name, Last Name. That's right, le bebe has two middle names, just like her daddy. I don't think my sister would ever figure it out, because I am not telling her that she has two middle names. And her first name is kind of long. Heh.

Me. I love her name. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to change it, and its how I think of her. But there is this little space in the back of my head that really wants this other name. I wanted to name her after my friend who was killed in the plane crash. Because she was funny and smart with a crazy sense of style and sweet, and because I miss her. Because it's a pretty name. I think it goes into the name drawer, if there's ever another baby. It stays on the top. I love the name and I want to use it, but it's just not le bebe's name. The name we picked out IS her name.

Besides, it's a name from my favorite Jane Austen novel, so how could you go wrong?

And thus, I give her a name for you--her blog name that is. You don't get her real name.

Her name on here is Lis.

As in L.I.S. As in "Little Irish Souvenir." That's my girl.

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LawMommy said...

We didn't tell anyone our son's name until the day he was born, either. We had two names chosen, couldn't decide between them, and decided that we would know for sure once we saw his face. And once we saw his face...we knew he was a Gabriel and not a Sebastaian.

If you don't want to tell, don't tell. :-)

I am sorry about the GD. Go ahead and complain all you want.