Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are We human (Or Are We Dancers)

As busy and as sleepless as I have been, I've also had time to ponder the imponderables.  I've categorized them as follows: (1) truly stupid [i.e., I must be lacking serious amounts of sleep]; (2) interesting thought there, kiddo [there, there poor dear, you just need a short nap]; and (3) actual deep wonderings [I am so over caffeinated and sleep deprived that I had entered a whole other realm of existence where my IQ is through the roof--don't worry, it'll be over very quickly].

With no further ado:

(1) What do you think happens when you have  children's hospital with a water fountain?  Do you think they stay away from the water?  Why do you bother with the signs that say stay away from the water?  McDonalds salad or hospital food? McDonalds coffee or hospital coffee? Why do you have no songs (NOT A SINGLE SIGN) that points patients, parents, visitors to the main lobby?  Also, the necessity and what this sign says about Indiana:

(2) If I stare at the monitor, will that make the beeping stop? If I glare at the doctors when they barge in at 5:30 am, will that make them go away?  If I stare at Lis long enough, will that make her wake up and open and her eyes?

(3) Evolution and the laws of thermodynamics, specially the one towards increasing entropy--do they conflict? Can they be reconciled?

Then, somewhere in my sleep deprived state, I began wondering about human-ness.  What makes us human? I don't mean in the biological sense, though in a hospital, you are acutely aware of what makes you an alive human, a functioning human.  I mean in the mental, emotional, relational sense.

What is it about our human nature that causes us (most of us) to form communities?  What is it that allows me to understand a sign from another parent, walking the halls at 1 am, like me?  How do I know when she sees Lis in a stroller and presses her hand to heart, that she knows how I feel?  What gives us that need to seek a connection?  To touch?  To be close?

All I know is that when Lis opened her eyes and saw us, the first thing she did was this:

Reach for our faces, touch us, feel us, know the connection.  How human.


Attorney At Large said...

Love this picture. Hoping all is well!

Butterflyfish said...

oh, that picture made me cry.

and the answer is mcdonalds coffee if they have the any size (LARGE) for $1.

Grace said...

So happy! We are home (yikes) (why don't they send you home with a nurse?)