Monday, July 23, 2012

My Beloved Crystal Ball Says

Well, of course I was right and some moron on my docket would hospitalize their kid while I was out in the hospital with my kid. Bonus points for correctly predicting which child and having and emergency motion ready to go. Minus points for general suckage. ************************ As for Ms. Lis, we had a few bad days pain wise, we are still in the ICU, but things are going better. She stuck her tongue out at me yesterday, and blew raspberries at me at, you know, 2:45 am. Because when your eyes are swollen shut, who cares what the hell time it is. It's time to party! Maybe we'll be home Tuesday. ************************ I am aware of the craptastic formatting of my posts right now. Sorry. All I have is my iPad and my phone.


LawMommy said...

Sending good thoughts for Ms. Lis...

Sorry about the kid off your docket...but, honestly, that was excellent predictive work, leaving that motion behind.

Get some rest.

RG said...

After day one of the bar exam, it's nice for me to take a lunch break to read a positive update about Ms. Lis. Anyone with the sass to stick her tongue out at mom is probably feeling somewhat better. Poor wee swollen thing - I am thinking of her.