Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tonight's Outlook

Packed, baby:
2 snap up onesies
2 snap up footless sleepers
3 lovies (is that what you call these?)
2 heavy soft blankets
1 handmade blanket (from my mom, by my mom)
2 light blankets
1 toy with lots of crinkly sounds
1 soft stuff toy
1 rattle
1 bunny bag (a massive bag of children’s books from the library)
4 ditties (pacifiers… who knows where I picked up ditty)
2 hats
Diapers and Food not needed.

Packed, adults:
Adoption paper materials
Newly published cases that need write ups
Paper that needs powerpoint presentation
Laptop & charger
Ipad (this thing is amazing for legal documents)
Phone charger
Granola bars
Water bottles

All of my clothes
All of my toiletries
All of his clothes
All of his toiletries
All of his work
All the dog's stuff

Late night ahead.


Attorney at Large said...

Thinking good thoughts for you all.

Grace said...

She's in now... I don't think I've ever been so terrified.

LawMommy said...

This morning I opened my too long ignored copy of The Book of Common Prayer and said a Prayer for a Sick Child for your daughter.

Thinking of you, right now.

(When my son was young, but old enough to speak, he called his pacifiers "my di-di" - and he sang a little song, his ode to the pacifier, "my di-di, my di-di, ooooooooh, my di-di".)

alissa said...

Thinking about you guys! The first night is the hardest. But let your nurse do it all. Try and get some sleep, The worst is behind you. Hope everything went as perfectly as possible!