Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Declaring My House Off Limits For Several Reasons

You know why it's Thursday and I haven't posted in a week?  See the following:

1. Lis is sick and I have changed more explosive blow out disgusting diapers than I ever care to admit to count or remember or experience again.  Several outfits, hers, his, and mine have been discarded as hopeless; our bedspread is missing; the carpet needs to be professionally cleaned.  Here, and at Mama Vor's house.

2. Starting two weeks before surgery, we have had house guests every weekend.  That's about two months of not having the house to ourselves.  So, when some friends wanted to come this coming weekend, and my parents scheduled a trip for the following weekend, I crawled under the bed and cried until Vor called them all and said no way.  I am still recovering from the nervous breakdown.

3. Work.  Hearings every day, charity events on weekends.

4. Did I mention the poop?

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