Monday, December 17, 2012

The Coast, It Is Clear

All my worry and paranoia was for nothing.  Lis had her follow up appointment for her cranio surgery, et voila! All is beautiful, and all doctors pronounce themselves thrilled.

In related news, the pneumonia is gone.  Lis got checked out today, and all is well.

Then--(She hesitates, looks cautiously around the room, lowers her voice)--it appears that The Never Ending Sleep Strike Of 2012 may be... over? Maybe? A chance?

After life with an easy baby, where we gave her everything she wanted, because her wants and needs were the same thing, we found ourselves face to face with a difficult baby who was in pain, then just a difficult baby who was used to being cuddled all the time and with terrible sleep habits.  We tried every thing, I swear--everything that every attachment parenting book or blog or person or robot or anything suggested, because after surgery, it broke my heart too much to let her cry.

It turns out that some babies need to cry.

Oh, it was bad, but it was nowhere near as bad as some people who talk about the hours it took for their babies to cry it out.  Honestly, I wouldn't have lasted that long.  It took twenty minutes, and she was gone, and after we got the rhythm of it, she now will wake up in the middle of the night, let out a wail, then go back to sleep.

Judge away, Internet.  I let my baby cry it out.    But before you do, ask yourself this--were you woken up every forty-five minutes all night long for months on end?  I didn't think so.

Now that I've seen it, I realized that Lis needs to release tension.  She actually gets madder when you pick her up--she wants to be left alone, not touched, etc.  Sounds like... me.


I know there are things to be said, and words to hear.  But... as far as last Friday goes, I am not one of the speakers, or the writers.  Instead, I will listen, and I will remember, and I will mourn with all the rest.


butterflyfish said...

Oh yay! So happy that the good is happening for you guys.

Agree about Friday. No words.

No judgment zone! Cry it out worked beautifully for my oldest and middle when I finally did it (like yours, 20-30 minutes at first, then occasional short wail. Very occasional bad nights --teething etc--otherwise, peace. And they're both great sleepers now.)
Youngest... another story.

CP said...

No judgment here! I too discovered that sometimes the bang just needs to cry :)

CP said...

BABY.... stupid phone !

LawMommy said...

Yep, I was woken up every 45 minutes for months and months and months on end. Not a PEEP of judgment from me. Not one. I'm just happy to hear you are getting some sleep. Hurray!

Grace said...

I... may have spoke too soon. Last night was a train wreck. SIGH ANGST SIGH.