Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Finish, Begin

Well.  2012, nice to know you.  That was seriously a crazy year, with a new baby and maternity leave and going back to work and changing positions in my job and getting new responsibilities and BRAIN SURGERY OMG and all the crazy that comes with having a small mobile person in your house who brings in germs from daycare.

For the past, oh, say ten years, my New Year's resolution has been the following: "My New Year's resolution is to not make any more resolutions.  I have stuck with the resolution for years now."

It still makes me giggle when I say it, but this year, I actually HAVE things I want to see myself do.

Baby weight be gone.  It's all still here.  None of it went away.  So, I joined the Biggest Blogging Loser, and here we go.  I am also really, truly, back on the bandwagon of eating what I need to eat--which is no sugar.  It makes me sick.  I know this.  But it tastes so good that I can't stop myself.  Better to just not have it at all.  Alas.  ALAS.

Bookish.  I love(d) to read.  Then I went to law school and all the joy of reading was suck from my very soul, and honestly, I haven't read to learn for the fun of it since law school.  I read brain candy stuff, but nothing fun and educational.  So, one book a month it is.  Any suggestions on where to start? I like history, though I lean more towards fictionalized accounts of actual history (historical romance, what) and fantasy (obviously) and sic-fi (OBVIOUSLY), with a random smattering of heavy duty science (Making of the Atomic Bomb, anyone?) and weird factual stuff (how to grow your own container garden, or something else equally random but full of information and fun ideas).

The Almighty Internets.  I am stepping away from all my devices--my phone, my iPad, my computer, the apple TV, and so on.  When I say stepping away, I don't mean not using--it's just that when I'm using it, I want there to be a purpose, not mindless browsing when I could be more efficient at work, or more engaged with Lis and Vor, or actually blogging instead of lurking around on all your blogs (not that I won't still do that).  I want to not have the TV playing while I'm home with Lis, just for noise. It distracts both of us, and that's what the glorious Bose radio and our massive library of music is for anyways.

Conversations.  There are some conversations I need to have, with myself, with Vor, and with work/family/etc.  I need to evaluate where I am with my job, and what I want.  Do I want to be the main litigator?  Do I want more research? Do I want to do more presentations and get published?  Speaking of being published, what do I want to do with that book on my hard drive, and when do I want to work on it?  What do we want to do with this house?  Financial planning, wills, trusts, etc? Um... the whole second child thing (that deserves a post in its own)? What plans do my parents have? Expectations of me and my siblings for a few years down the road? And so on, and so on.

Simple goals, simply put, yet daunting enough.  That sound take up my year quite nicely.


Anonymous said...

I always loved to read, and scoffed at the idea that law school would suck the joy right of it. And yet, it still did. I joined a book club two years ago, and I'm back to reading just as much as I did before law school. Even if I don't make every book club meeting (I think this year I made 2 or 3, it meets every 5 weeks) I still read along. Our local library has a "book club" - you could even just look to see what they recommend if you don't have time to actually attend.

AAL said...

Oooh, ooh! Come and be my friend on GoodReads. If you don't know my real name, email me and I'll tell you. :)

Grace said...

Anon, good idea! AAL, email sent. Goodreads gives me lame recommendations.

CP said...

I also loved to read until law school. It took me two years to recover then I was back to loving books. Have you read Kite Runner (and Thousand Splendid Suns)? So good! I also enjoyed Water For Elephants. It was fun and easy, nothing more. Those are the ones that come to mind right away.

CP said...

If you like history, you might also like Devil in the White City. I never got around to finishing it because the topic was a little creepy for me.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I have to second recommend Devil in the White City! Such a good read! Real history, and the architectural achievements and societal advancements and the struggles, coupled with the accounts of a real serial killer, was such an interesting mix. This isn't specifically in a genre you mentioned, but I also recommend "State of Wonder" by Anne Patchett. It's a fictional account of a scientist sent down to the jungle to retrieve a "rogue" scientist who is supposed to be investigating fertility drugs, but isn't reporting her findings back to the pharmaceutical company who is paying her. While fictional, the story line brings up fascinating issues that we are struggling to figure out now in the real world.