Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It can't have been four years, but here we are.

My sister called me in a panic at 10:20 at night, saying something had crashed or exploded right next to her house.  That something was Flight 3407, and it was carrying my friend.  It killed my sister's neighbor; it killed my friend; it killed all the passengers, and I knew many of them.

When I was at my sister's house in June of 2012, a plane flew overhead.  We were outside with a large group of people from the neighbor and everyone went silent and stared at the plane until it was out of range.  Then they all went back to talking, not even noticing what they did.

They do that every time.  It's been four years.

Oh, E.  I miss you.


CP said...

Wow, how horrific!

Anonymous said...
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Proto Attorney said...

Oh, I remember that one. My family is all up in the Niagara/Buffalo area. It was terrible, although I don't think they knew anyone on the plane directly. I'm sorry about your friends.

I know what you mean about watching the planes. I still do that myself, we live close to Bluegrass Airport. We had a similar tragedy a few years before the Continental crash, Comair 5191. Fell out of the sky after taking off from the wrong runway at Bluegrass. So awful.

Grace said...

I used to love flying. Hell, I used to FLY planes and I was working on my license. Now? Shaking with fear everytime I have to get on one. Totally sucks.