Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby's Best Friend (Is Not Me)

Possible Reasons Why Lis is having a meltdown right now:

I took my phone away from her.
I took the iPad away from her.
I took the remote away from her.
I gave her the remote with no batteries in it.
I took my watch away from her.
I won’t let her claw my face.
I yelped and said “ouch!” when she ripped out my hair.
I tried to trim her nails.
I tried to change her diaper.
I put her socks on.
I won’t let her pull the dog’s hair.
I won’t let her eat an electrical cord.
I gave her peaches instead of bananas.
I gave her bananas instead of spinach.
I gave her spinach instead of carrots.
I gave her carrots instead of peaches.
I’m holding her.
I’m not holding her.

Definite Reasons Why Lis is Laughing Right Now:

The dog gave her a toy.
The dog licked her hand.
The dog licked her face.
The dog took the toy away from her.
The dog let her take the toy back.
The dog is chasing her to get the toy.
The dog knocked her over.
The dog gave her a toy.
The dog licked her hand.

Clearly, there is a favorite in this house. 


Proto Attorney said...

Yeah, the dog was Cora's favorite parent, and Vee's first attempt at speech was to bark. My influence is limited around here.

Butterflyfish said...

this and Proto's comment gave me a genuine LOL

Grace said...

Your last sentence summs up the entire post (day).