Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Only Wednesday, Though

On the home front, we have RSV, double ear infection, the return of the amazing non sleeping baby, dishes as high as the roof, and a husband who has X ridiculous number of patent applications and appeals to complete in Y insufficient weeks.

On the work front, we have the start of the job transition, a 9.1.1. call (made by yours truly) from the freaking courtroom, plucking a doctor off the witness stand from the next courtroom over (also preformed by yours truly), arguments with court staff over whether yours truly followed proper procedure re: 9.1.1. call, calling deputies into courtroom for crazed violent parent, AND SO ON.


Kate Sherwood said...

So that was the dramatic buildup of the week. Now, hopefully you will have a gentle decrescendo for the last half of the week, resolving into a lovely weekend.

It sounds like you certainly have earned it.

Grace said...

I am eating ALL the Mexican food in this city in Friday, and drinking ALL the wine.