Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your Personal Penguin

Lis has this Sandra Boyton book about having your personal penguin who slavishly loves you and follows you every where so you are never alone and talk to you constantly and really, the whole idea sounds like a nightmare.

I am aware that sentence is not grammatically correct, but I feel it best conveys how I feel about the book, or the idea of having my own personal penguin, or most likely, having my own personal ANYTHING follow me everywhere to do everything with me.

Okay, and that sentence too. Plus the sentence right before this one. OKAY STOP.

SO! (claps hands) I have this new job coming up, and and I've already lost ten pounds since January. I've been stockpiling gift cards and cash since Christmas--

--I have to interrupt myself here and tell you a totally unrelated story. I am sitting in a chair at my bedside, watching Lis sleep on my bed, because, well, you can't leave a sleeping baby on a bed. She went down for a much needed nap HARD and she just started snoring so loud I thought it was Vor standing in the doorway, making fun of me, but no, it's Lis, snoring---

since Christmas, and I want to go shopping. I hate shopping, and I loathe clothes shopping, but I've tossed most of my wardrobe out or sent it to Goodwill, so I have very few things and I am constantly doing laundry.

I need: (okay, want/need):

A few nice tank tops
New slacks (multiple pairs, and this is a need, since I have ONE pair)
One new suit
Blouses or nice shirts to wear with suits
A casual alternative to jeans (which would be...what?)

Where the hell do I shop? I lean towards classic and tailored, and save my "trendy" for jewelry to go with the classy and tailored clothes.

Do you want to be my personal (penguin) shopper and go with me? Or better yet, do it for me?


Butterflyfish said...

Yay you!!

I suck at shopping. I go to Kohls because it is between my house and the girls' daycare. I have found a brand of clothes/pants that fit me and buy some when they're on sale. Last suit I bought I got at Dress Barn (Jones New York).

I don't know if that's helpful.

~ Short chubby girl who hates shopping.

Izzie said...

Sweet! I would probably kick that penguin if it were following me around! You could try Ann Taylor Loft, they have good sales pretty often, also New York and Co. I hate shopping when I have to try things on, but online I'm a lot better.

CP said...

I second the Loft. they usually have a good selection of office wear, although they tend to be a little trendy. Regular Ann Taylor is also good if you want more classic pieces. I would walk into a Nordstrom dressing and tell them what you need. then they can do the hard work!

So jealous! I love LOVE shopping!

CM said...

Ann Taylor and Talbot's are the easy choices for professional clothes. Banana Republic and J. Crew too, depending on your body type. All these stores have good outlets, if you can find one near you.

I've been doing more and more of my clothes shopping at consignment stores. It's affordable and everything has been pre-vetted by the stylish person who bought them and the stylish person who accepted them for consignment.