Monday, March 25, 2013

White White White

Snow day! Lis has no "school"! Courts are closed! For a half day! That means--


All that means is that I have no daycare when my office opens.  This used to be much more fun.


CM said...

I know... I would love to enjoy snow days as a bonus day off with the kids, but no, snow days now mean that I'm frantically trying to take care of the kids while working, and then I stay up half the night catching up. Another reason being a grownup sucks.

Grace said...

Yeah today is really sucking. Really really sucking.

CP said...

Aww, sorry! Did you get to play hookie too?

And when I read your title, my immediate thought was this post was about wine...word association reveals that I am a drunk.

Grace said...

This might be my favorite comment ever. GO HOME CP, YOU'RE DRUNK! :)