Friday, April 26, 2013

Cue Cards

Scene: Last Saturday, at Vot's work party. Keep in mind, these are IP people.
Cast: Me, a partner, and bystanders (Vor, one other partner, newish associates)
Topic: Interview questions

Partner: Yeah, the guy seemed okay, but I really just wanted to ask that killer questions, the one that just gets to the ESSENCE of a person.

Me: You've found the ultimate question? For life, the universe, and everything?

Partner: YES. Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings?

(I inhale my wine, laughing)

Partner: Let see if I would have hired you, Grace. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Me: If it's just me, I'm going to watching Lord of the Rings.  That being said, I CANNOT wait to show my daughter Star Wars.  It's opening up an entire universe to her in a way Lord of the Rings doesn't. To put it simply, Lord of the Rings is clearly a clearly superior trilogy all round, but Star Wars has the untouchable classic status.

Parter: Hired.

End scene.

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