Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two Funerals And A Wedding (And A Deployment)

Oh my hell. What a trip.

On Wednesday, a second cousin died. On Thursday, my cousin died. I flew out Saturday, in time to start baby sitting babies, because the second cousin had a child who got married on Saturday.

I babysat twins (TWINS THERE ARE TWO OF THEM) on Sunday while we geared up for my cousin's wake, and went to the wake of my second cousin.

On Monday, I babysat most of the time for the wake for my cousin. I snuck in time to (1) attend my cousin's wake, and (2) attend my second cousin's funeral.

Today is Tuesday, and I'm sitting in the airport with wine, desperate to see my husband and my baby.

My brother had flown in by chance-he has training for his deployment nearby. So the siblings three took the backstage role of general baby wranglers and got to spend some QT with each other.

We got very (VERY) tipsy Monday night, and a good time was had, even if the whole thing was tinged with sadness.

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CP said...

That sounds very hellish- so sorry!