Monday, June 10, 2013

Hang On

Wait! Stop! Hang on! (Imagine me throwing up my hands, palm out)

Yes, I realize we are well into June and I've been silent. In my defense:

1. May 30 was the 1 year anniversary of finding out about Lis's craniosynostosis and I had FEEEEEEELINGS about it.

2. I had multiple hearings everyday for 2 weeks, greatly impeding my ability to work on our publication, so I've been working on that at night.

3. I presented at a conference this weekend on social media, so I've been prepping for that delight.

4. Tomorrow is the biggest, nastiest, most publicized hearing of my career thus far.

5. Lis discovered her ability to fling herself to the ground and engage in a good old fashioned tantrum.

So! Let me survive tomorrow, then I have THOUGHTS and FEEEEEELINGS for you.

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