Friday, June 21, 2013

Separately Spinning All At Once

Because I only have a few minutes, and because I feel like this is the way my brain works now, I give you thoughts in parts and partitions:

Work: I need a way to eliminate distractions at work so that I am able to more easily focus on long tedious tasks. I'm used to the litigation pace, where I work on something for 45 minutes, then I'm onto the next thing, etc. Now that I am in research/speaking/policy/writing with a side dish of litigation, my tasks are extensive and the projects take weeks, even months, and in the case of our publication, years. I'm not used to working this way anymore. I need help staying engaged and focused. Thoughts so far: Create a schedule a week in advance that is general but varied, so that I know at 10:30, I switch from A to B. I tried it one week and it was an utter failure, because one of my litigation cases blew up resulting in a full day hearing that has a second full day hearing next week. Maybe I should try again, but as long as I have firecrackers in my schedule in the form of hotly contested cases, I don' t know if it's workable. Second thought: putting my phone on "do not disturb" and returning phone calls at 9am, noon, and 4pm. Suggestions? HALP.

Home: As in, the actual house itself. We did some serious landscaping in the front over Memorial day weekend. We originally wanted to get someone to come do a plan for us and then build it (we are doing major work in the backyard) but we realized that (1) Vor is an engineer; (2) I am creative and good with designs, including some limited experience with landscape designs; (3) We really enjoyed our landscaping work before; (4) landscaping companies around here are really slow to respond, and we are standing here, ready to support their business, and their are still not responding. So! We took measurements (we being Vor), we translated the measurements onto paper in scale (we being Vor), then we came up with designs (we being me). I really like what we came up with; it's simple, and should be "easy" (read: still hard labor), and it will give us the privacy we are looking for. Also, we are thinking about painting one of our largest rooms, and putting new doors on a few rooms/entryways in our house. All of this is DIY, because that's how we roll around here. It makes the dog crazy. He hates it. He hates us. He hates the vacuum cleaner. He hates moving furniture. He hates change. Until we feed him, then it's all love, love, love. As I type, our mulch is being delivered, so we need to mulch. My vegetable garden is really starting to rock out--tons of lettuce, carrots, squash, beans, tomatoes. I let Lis "plant" one whole garden (I have two garden circles), and she randomly threw all kinds of seeds everywhere. It's amazing. I can't wait to see what actually comes up--so far, squash of all kinds, beans, carrots, onions, beets, raddish, a tomato plant, and one random iceberg lettuce head that I just harvested today. Lis wins at gardening.

Lis and family: Lis has her one year craniosynostosis check up coming up next week. I am considerably more relaxed about it than last time, when I was worried about the chance of another surgery. As much as I love Riley Children's Hospital and am eternally grateful to them, I hate going there and smelling all the smells that bring the memories flooding back. We are going to zoo Saturday, and I am SO EXCITED. They have an aquarium, and I'm pretty sure Lis is going to have her toddler mind blown by it ("FFFFSSSSSHHHHHH"= fish). Vor has been having a good summer at work so far, not too crazy, nice and steady. My brother is officially deployed, and I received many pictures of his goodbye to wife and family that made me cry. My sister in law promptly booked tickets to come see us in October, and I need to pick a time to go see her. I'm just trying not to think about it right now. I need to start sending care packages to him.

Me, myself, and I: I went back on Weight Watchers. I've been at the gym regularly. I've been taking the dog on "runs", which consist more of fast walking and some light jogging and lots of arm swinging. I'm thinking about doing a 5K in the fall, so I should start training now. I've lost a little weight, but more importantly, I have so much more energy and I am sleeping better. So, the weight will come off when it does, but I am not exhausted and out of breath all the time. I bought big girl makeup instead of wet and wild high school crap, I got a massage for my birthday, and I make a point of discarding clothes that aren't flattering or too old and getting a new (carefully thought out) item every one in awhile.

So! There you go. My brain, in parts, all whirling at once.


Colleen said...

Lots going on. Hugs, and good thoughts, and good luck.

I too am thinking of doing a 5k on Labor Day. My goal is to jog the whole thing and not die (set that bar low!). I have not yet begun training, however, so I am not sure I can even achieve that much :-)

Grace said...

If downloading the couch to 5k app counts as training, then I am training.