Saturday, July 6, 2013

My House Is Your House Is My House

We suddenly entered the era of house guests.

My cousin and his son came yesterday for just part of the day, stopping on a long drive from NY to CO. We have our friends and their two kids, plus dog, coming in tonight for a stay. My parents will be in after that for almost a week. My sister in law will show up softly after that, and then, my sister is making noises about coming out to see us. After that, my sister in law will be here with three kids.

Here's the real whopper: we just offered to let my mother in law live with us for about two months. She sold her house, and the house she is building is not done. We have a huge basement that is basically its own separate apartment, but still. That might be hard on everyone, since we operate very differently.

That is a lot of people marching in and out of my house, y'all.

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CP said...

Oh geez! I hope things go smoothly. At least you have a big house!