Sunday, August 4, 2013

Skirting The Issue

I have A Thing I'd Really Like To Talk About But Can't Because Of Work. Yes, that is all legit capitalization. Let's just say adoption law is complex and family law cases are often sad. There. That covers it (no, not really).

This week is going to be a doozy: Vor has to go out to DC for patent related things, Lis's daycare is closed this week for "summer break" (I love them but seriously?), I patched together daycare with people who are very trust worthy and reliable EXCEPT for when it comes to telling time, I have a major filing I need to do this week, and BONUS! My coworker had her baby (so small and smooshy). Let's not talk about when I'm supposed to get to the gym or clean a single thing this week.

I actually spent a good chunk of this weekend (during nap time of course) writing my new social media paper that is going to be published, so I need to buckle down and finish that puppy as well.

In my spare time I'd like to think of a way that I could talk about the adoption thing in theoretical or hypothetical format, because I think it might generate a good conversation, potentially another paper. My brain is all geared for adoption law right now because yours truly is presenting at a national CLE on adoption law. Whoa. I still feel like a baby lawyer--hell, I still AM a baby lawyer, yet here I am, telling people how to do stuff. It certainly is a benefit of diving in to the deep end at the beginning of your career.

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