Friday, August 30, 2013

Steps Towards Ends

After my little, um...incident? the other day, I promptly got an appointment with my GP. So yay, yearly physical, blood work taken in order to make sure I'm not breaking down with the various and sundry conditions that are normal for my family. Also, a referral to a dermatologist to get rid of this ridiculous acne that I've had since I got pregnant.

I ran my little outbreak by her, and we talked about some things, and there is a plan and steps to be taken. A Thing happened at her office that made me truly realize this is not in my head: my doctor, my actual doctor, not the nurse, took my blood pressure. She was just chatting with me about normal things, and then went to take my blood pressure a second time. During the second time, she asked about the dentist/Lis thing, and my blood pressure went from low 120's to the high 140's in seconds. So, in case I had any doubt, that should clear it up. Bonus points to my Doctor for doing it deliberately and then telling me why she did it--so I would know it's an Actual Thing, not a thing in my head. Anyways, there's a plan to take care of it and I feel better already.

In other news on incremental steps forward in the decision making rubric, Seattle is to be the wedding place for my SIL and her fiancee! Am so exited. Have not been to Seattle since I was in high school, and I was there for a swim meet, not for touring. Can't wait! MUST PLAN ALL THE THINGS NOW.

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at a conference on child welfare and related topics in Atlanta. I missed Lis and Vor terribly, but the conference was fantastic, I made great connections, and picked up great bits of knowledge and ideas.

Now? The major task of recovering my desk and my docket from a three day absence. Wish me luck, for you may never find me from underneath the files and case law through which I now must wade.


CM said...

Wait a second... does "since I got pregnant" mean pregnant with Lis?

Sounds like you have a good doctor. Amazing that your blood pressure shot up so noticeably just casually talking about it.

Grace said...

Oh YES JESUS. No. I am not pregnant!