Monday, August 12, 2013

The Travel Bug Bites Again!

Okay. I know. We've been planning these trips, and they're not happening, but hey. That's life with a kid and two lawyers.

However, little trips do next to nothing to satisfy that travel virus running deep in my veins. Blame on whatever you want (lots of travel as a kid; being an Army brat; being the baby sister of a USAFA grad; general love of independence; etc), but I get a major itch every year/year and a half to just GO somewhere that is FAR FAR AWAY.

Last time was Ireland 2011, and of course, we've been grounded with our Little Irish Souvenir ever since.

So! I think we would like to start planning our next major trip, which will be probably another two years out to let Lis get older and our finances recover from having a baby, MAJOR medical bills [can you say million dollar skull?], normal life, etc.

I heard you laugh just then, you know. Two years, you say? Grace, are you seriously planning a trip two years in advance? WHY YES I AM. Look, we started selecting destinations about a year and a half out last time, and we settled on Ireland in May 2010, just shy of a year before we went. I then spent almost a year planning it. That's just how I roll people. I have lists and categories, and I have researched everything--where to stay, where to eat, what to do, tricks, tips, etc.  I research, and I plot, and I plan, and then I hand over Options A-E to Vor, who either selects the option he likes most, or narrows down to two and I choose. Then we tweak.

I think starting even further in advance this time is a good idea, because (1) Lis takes up most of my free time now; (2) I have less free time now with my new position; (3) I have to figure in a toddler for this next trip.

So, with no further introduction:

Here are the insane options that will require much coordination and preferably the addition of a grandparent to come along:
1. Ireland, round two
2. London
3. Amsterdam
4. Paris
5. Scotland
6. Maui
7. Italy (am reluctant to do this with young kid)

Less insane options:
1. Disney cruise (blerg)
2. Other cruise (BLERG)
3. Alaskan Cruise (okay, I think I could handle this kind of cruise)
3. Caribbean resort of some kind (But Vor really hates the "I'm a tourist in a third world country and I am staying at a respiort while you are all dying of poverty and violence" thing)
4. Puerto Rico (has the same problem as above) (Seriosuly, spell check? You don't recognize this? GO HOME BLOGGER SPELL CHECK YOU'RE DRUNK)
5. Florida Keys resort
6. One of the national parks--Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, etc., or maybe a combination of the national parks out west. Maybe a combo of camping/nicer accommodations.

Things to consider: Flight time. Kid friendly. Whether we could talk Mama Vor into accompanying us. Those we be the things I need answered first, then I can narrow down.

Suggestions? Things that should be added? Things that should be immediately stricken?


CM said...

My two cents: Immediately strike anything that makes you go blerg. You're taking one vacation in FOUR YEARS and you're going to go on a Disney cruise because it's easy? No way.

Maui sounds perfect! It doesn't require international travel, lots to see, plenty of places to just chill out with the little one.

I've always wanted to go to Italy. My plan is to take a trip there for our 20th anniversary. (In 9 years.)

G Love said...

So. I would be inclined toward European country, esp. if additional adults come along. Pick a city with lots of walking tour type sights - Paris, London - so daytime can be toddler friendly. A stroll down the Seine, a stop at a cafe for snack for Lis, coffee for you guys, etc. Dial down the expectations of what can be accomplished, make room for naps, and you will have happy days immersed in another culture. Then if you have special sights you want to see, each adult can take turns being on Lis duty and let the others do those things - like Vor and his mom go catch a London show during Lis's nap, then you and Vor go tour Parliament or the Globe while grandma takes a turn.

If no grandparent comes, then I'm with CM - Maui, or some beach location. Then you will be more into hiking the glorious rainforests and playing on the beach, which are more toddler friendly.

Lawyerish talked about this same thing a few years ago, and lo and behold I found her post!

Grace said...

Awesome. Thank you!