Saturday, August 24, 2013

Travel Rhymes With Unravel

So! [Claps hands] Time for some good news.

My SIL--Vor's twin sister--is engaged! Yay! Weddings! And they want Lis to be a flower girl or another TBD role that has Lis involved. Yay! Cute toddler dresses!

A day after the engagement was announced, Vor and I sat outside after Lis went to bed. Vor hesitantly mentioned how crazy his sister's schedule is as a coach, as well as her fiance's schedule because her fiancee is also a coach, and as such, there were only two available dates.

Well, kids, I've been around this rodeo for awhile now, and I know his sister's schedule pretty well, so I had a good guess of what those dates might be. Vor's shoulders just about sagged in relief when I started laughing. "So what you're telling me," I asked between gasping for breath from laughing, "is that your twin sister wants to get married on August 16, which also happens to be our wedding anniversary? You're going to share a birthday and an anniversary with her?" I think he was too relieved that I didn't care to be annoyed. Truly, I don't get people who would be upset over stuff like that, but whatever.

The best part of this is that they are getting married either in mountains in Colorado, or in Seattle. YES TRAVEL!!!!! Vor and I already decided to make an anniversary vacation out of it, and we will go out the normal amount of time before the wedding, but stay a whole week after it, kicking around. I can't plan yet [which I am desperate to begin], so I don't know whether to start checking out Seattle and nearby fun things or do the same in the town in Colorado. They are deciding this weekend, as well as deciding what colors, etc, so that also means YES DRESS SHOPPING FOR LIS! I am way too excited about this whole thing.

In other travel news, we are still moving forward with out major vacation plans for the big trip that will happen in appx. 2 years. Here's where we are now:

Eliminated: Amsterdam, Italy, Scotland. Also eliminated: all cruises and Caribbean resorts, Puerto Rico.

Teetering on the edge of elimination but still a possibility: Paris, Ireland round 2.

Strong Contenders: London, Maui, Florida Keys, National Parks tour.

The pros and cons:

Paris: We can easily stay in the city once we are there and not need to do any extra travel. In my experience, it's actually fairly family friendly, if you know what you're doing. Vor's mom would love to go to Paris, and it would be easy to talk her into coming with us. Cons: While I am mostly proficient in French, Vor is not, and this would only be his second time out of the country, and first time with Lis. The idea makes him nervous. Lis would need a passport, and that's a hassle. Long flight. Expensive.

Ireland round 2: We can stay in one city, like Galway, but we are also comfortable traveling, since it is such a relaxed country. Mama Vor would probably go. We are familiar with the country, and we love it. Family friendly. English speaking. Tea, yo. Cons: Already been, long flight, passport.

London: Easy city stay, family friendly, lots to do, Mam Vor and Vor would love it. I've been and have some familiarity. English speaking. Tea, again. Cons: Flight time (are we seeing a theme?), expensive, passport.

Maui: Gorgeous, relaxing, exotic enough to feel almost like a trip out of country, very family friendly, Mama Vor would go, sushi, pineapple, lots to do that Lis would love. Cons: Looooooooooooong flight, and the length of the flight might be what kills it. That is literally the only draw back. At what age could you expect a toddler to handle a flight like this? We would have to get to Texas or CA or west coast somewhere before the really long leg of the journey even began. Otherwise, this would probably be my number 1 pick.

Florida Keys: Easy to get there, gorgeous, relaxing, warm, can travel around if we want, or just stay put. I could probably talk Vor into getting a convertible to drive around in. I've never been, and would like to go. Cons: I really have an out of country itch, and this won't satisfy it. Probably no Mama Vor, so no downtime for us.

National parks tour: I loved loved loved Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and Grand Canyon as a kid. I still love the. I think it's a fantastic family vacation with lots to do for a family that loves being outdoors, like we do. Maybe we could even take the dog! No passport needed! Possibly very little plane time! Cons: Not out of country, probably no Mama Vor, potential to be traveling in car A LOT.

If I could ignore the problem of travel time, my ranking would be thus: (1) Maui; (2) London; (3) Paris; (4) National Parks; (5) Ireland; (6) Florida Keys.

In reality, since I have to take into account travel time, it's looking like this: (1) London (overnight flight maybe?); (2) National Parks; (3) Florida Keys; (4) Paris; (5) Ireland; (6) Maui.


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